“I pledge to use the leadership expertise, skills and resources of my business to help UK high streets achieve their full potential”

Small, medium and large businesses across the leisure and retail sector have agreed to sign the High Streets Pledge, and we want you to join them.

The aim of the pledge is to encourage every high street to aspire to work together and increase jobs and growth. It’s about creating a healthy daytime, evening and night-time economy. By actively engaging in town centres companies can drive up footfall and improve the financial results of local outlets.

Publicly show your commitment to community regeneration, providing leadership, sharing skills and delivering the resource needed to form successful local partnerships. These partnerships support joint working between public and private sectors, and involve representation from the broadest range of businesses for which the high street is important, including retail, leisure, office, banks and transport providers.

How can my company fulfil the pledge?

To fulfil the pledge you need to demonstrate that you:

  • support high streets as a key part of your business strategy
  • empower colleagues to get involved locally
  • support the formation of a local business-led partnership for every high street where you operate
  • recognise and celebrate local achievements to restore national pride in our high streets

For example activities could include:

  • helping local partners with events which increase footfall
  • engaging with local schools and colleges
  • animating empty shops and workplaces and helping unite the community through offering popups or promoting something unique for the local area
  • helping to improve public space, improving building frontages, making the town more welcoming
  • working with trader’s associations

For more information and to sign up to the pledge contact Hugh Mckendrick or Brigid Simmonds.

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