Meet our ambassador:


Simon Reeve is an author and TV presenter, and one of the world’s most adventurous travellers. As the presenter of multiple BBC television series including Indian Ocean, Australia, Tropic of Cancer, Equator, and Tropic of Capricorn, he has travelled extensively in more than 110 countries, across jungles, deserts, mountains and oceans, and to some of the most beautiful, dangerous and remote regions of the world.

Simon's unique brand of documentary-making, combining travel and adventure with current affairs, history, wildlife, culture and conservation, has seen him cover a huge variety of stories. He’s dived with sharks, survived malaria, tracked lions, been taught to fish by the President of Moldova and adopted by former headhunters.

Now Simon is turning his investigative eye onto the UK, to find the unknown heroes who make our high streets special. From bread-makers to booksellers, Simon is travelling the country to talk to the people behind the shop windows, exploring the cultural history and possible futures of our high streets

Simon Reeve will be a judge for the Great British High Street Awards 2018. He says, "I’ve spent the last 16 years travelling around the world and investigating what is happening in other countries, so I’m really looking forward to being a bit closer to home and meeting the unsung heroes helping the nation’s high streets to thrive."