Male grooming parlour is UK's first 'ne stop shop' for the modern man

The Dressing Room

The House of Gentlemen on Durham High Street is leading the way for local independent retailers by providing a unique service to its customers. The men’s grooming shop on Elvet Bridge offers a variety of barbering, tattooing, hair replacement and urban spa services. The shop pairs impeccable standards with a full range of male grooming treatments to provide the ultimate gentleman’s experience under one roof – the first of its kind in the UK and something that was missing for locals.

Cousins Zak Newton and Sam Gadd, along with their business manager Damon Rodgers, launched the business in 2017 when they realised they couldn’t have all their grooming needs met in one place. The trio are a great representation of 'modern men' and can now bring a fresh approach to male grooming.

Zak Newton, co-owner of the House of Gentlemen, said: "The modern man wants to look his best at all times. With our backgrounds in hospitality, we naturally wanted to deliver a professional service but one that had an informal feel, creating something unique for our city in the process."

"We’re very fortunate on our high street – all the businesses offer something different, so there’s a real sense of comradery between the shops. Our customers are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience on the high street and the shops in Durham deliver that. But with margins constantly getting tighter, there’s pressure on business owners and retailers to plan ahead. High streets are what make our towns and cities great and incentivising entrepreneurship and innovation through campaigns like the Great British High Street Awards are key to moving things forward."

Locals in Durham are growing to appreciate the value of local businesses and the personal, quality elements that independent businesses like The House of Gentlemen is able to provide. As a local, family business it is at the heart of the community in everything it does, from employing local staff, supporting charities throughout the year or running offers such as free haircuts for veterans on VE Day.

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