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Freeman Street


Freeman street, Grimsby

Freeman Street Market is a centre for shopping with an unmistakable sense of community. Thanks to the investment of the Enrolled Freemen of Grimsby, it boasts a healthy 85% occupancy rate. The market space plays host to record fairs, circus workshops, film screenings, art exhibitions, DWP’s job fair, local councillors and MPs surgeries and more. There is also an enterprise shop where children can sell their own produce, encouraging young people to engage with the community. Furthermore, the area caters for groups with special needs including a space to allow children with autism to escape the busy market. The ethos is to be a community-driven market, working with local partners. Grimsby and Cleethorpes Craft Fair also hold events every month for which traders are not charged for the space so as to attract footfall for the benefit of the traders and the community as a whole. Reducing their impact on the environment, solar panels feature on the roof of Freeman Street and low energy lighting used within. Plus plans are underway for a cycle storage facility. And thanks to the Freemen’s first female apprentice, social media presence has been transformed, with the market recently winning two awards for their Love Your Local Market 2019 campaign.

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