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High Street, Conway Square & Frances Street


Conway Square, High Street and Frances Street, Newtownards

It may be a rural ‘wee town’, but Newtownards is actively revitalising its centre. Conway Square boasts efficient lighting, new pavements, modern seating, boxed trees and new accessible kerbs. A refurbishment grant allowed 98 businesses to revamp their shop fronts, and stacking floral planters, and coloured ambient lighting add to the new atmosphere.

A marketing campaign launched the new look, with events including a Viking Day and a fashion show, and Conway continues to hold a host of community events including a Halloween pumpkin hunt, BBQ summer events and Business Awards, plus a future plan for a Christmas market.

Conway continues to attract customers daily with inspired initiatives like Every Customer Counts, which ensures the area has disabled access, and Refillution – encouraging shoppers to fill their water bottles in shops.

Social media platforms have been set up for everything from business and events, to groups for Crime Awareness, and Conway has even up-skilled smaller traditional businesses to be able to use social media by setting up training courses.

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