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Main street


Main street, Prestwick

Prestwick’s motto is, ‘when businesses support the community, community support the businesses.’ This can be seen in the many events hosted, including the free music festival, which generated over £350,000 in sales from official venues last year. Lighting Up Day is also funded by local businesses which is an event where local businesses thank customers with services and treats. A community event, all businesses thank customers with services and treats. Prestwick is also proud to be the first town to introduce a relaxed lane in a leading supermarket chain as part of a dementia friendly initiative.

National retailers and independents all work to support the town. The local postmaster recently invested in a bigger store to become a community banking and post office service, a leading coffee shop helps with litter picking, and there’s a community garden available to all. Over 20 businesses have charity collection cans and people can choose to donate their carrier bag tax to the town. Prestwick loves Digital with businesses offering free WiFi, and there’s a strong social presence to keep the ‘shop local’ message alive.

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