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Alness High Street


Alness High Street, Ross-shire

Alness prides itself on offering the best Highland hospitality. Wide pavements make accessibility easy, with public wheelchairs now available for use, shoppers with dementia are cared for, and shops often offer a promotional weekend during peak periods. Each winter Alness hosts a Christmas Shopping Night with food tastings, craft workshops and discounts. With the Christmas Lights fully funded by the community and maintained by volunteers.

Alongside the Council Street Cleaner, volunteers maintain the high street, and the community council keeps the award winning public amenities sparkling and open for use 24 hours a day. Local groups have worked with schools to educate children on littering.

Social media is used to promote good news, offers and information. Most businesses have a strong presence, in particular tech-savvy youngsters; two of which recently up scaled their business, using the channels to to build and grow their business. Other community initiatives include the first Festival of Running, which generated publicity in the press, the introduction of a new 20mph limit in the town centre and the support of a local gymnastics club by Alness Business Association.

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