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City Centre


Armagh City Centre, Armagh

Armagh is committed to re-establishing itself as a vibrant retail, hospitality and tourist destination by renovating the old and embracing the new. With initiatives such as the ‘Grow Your Town Centre Business’ masterclasses, aimed at improving businesses competitiveness, the Armagh Ambassadors programme and its Evening Economy Strategy. In addition, Armagh has secured a £2.4million investment to increase and improve broadband in the city centre. Armagh is also taking steps to restore the public area around its historic mall, demonstrating their commitment to guaranteeing a unique and welcoming experience for everyone who visits the high street. Armagh City Centre is a conservation area and is in the second stage of a three stage City linkages project worth £2 million designed to enhance arrival points, carparks and key pedestrian linkages across the city.

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