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Palace Street


Palace Street, Caernarfon

Caernarfon prides itself on its sense of community and diversity, with all traders doing their part to improve the high street. Caernarfon is using technology to learn more about the people that visit the high street. The free WiFi system provides crucial data on how many people visit the high street and for how long. Caernarfon has used the free WiFi system to its advantage, creating a splash page that links through to the page which promotes the town initiatives as well as the businesses on the high street. The creation of a high street gift card is currently being explored and steps are being taken to make the high street plastic free, with efforts to remove all plastic packaging from retailers and businesses. The hope is for the high street to be plastic free in two years, with the whole town becoming plastic free in the near future. An umbrella installation has been created on Palace Street to increase publicity and create an attraction for the town. As a result, photos of the Palace Street installation have been seen all around the world.

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