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Triangle House, Welshpool

Welshpool has withdrawn from the Great British High Street Rising Star Awards.

Visitors to Welshpool feel a ‘wonderful sense of community’ as soon as they arrive. The indoor market has a range of stalls from handmade croquet to one day pop ups. The market has acted as a platform for successful stalls to develop into shops. Local traders in conjunction with the council organise a range of projects with most of them free of charge to members of the community. The 1940s weekend, fireworks night and the Country and Western Music Festival are key events for the town. Local businesses also offer craft workshops and open mic nights. Welshpool prides itself on being accessible to all, its ‘quiet days’ are designed to help elderly and anxious customers feel more comfortable when shopping, lights are dimmer and the shops are quieter. Welshpool is also taking steps to make the high street more accessible to people who suffer from mobile disabilities and the visually impaired.

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