Research and Reports

Research & Reports

It is fantastic that so many people are passionate about high streets, and over the past few years there have been many pieces of research and reports commissioned that are adding to the debate to ensure that they are sustainable and vibrant.

On this page you will find recent reports from the Future High Streets Forum and other items that you may find of interest. This is by no means a definitive collection, but over the next few weeks and months we will continue to add more reports and research.

Timpson Review (PDF) View
High streets and town centres in 2030: response to the Select Committee report View
Centre for Cities, 2019, High streets and town centres in 2030 View
ONS, 2019, High Streets in Great Britain View
Grimsey review View
Select Committee report, 2019 View
PM report View
Our plan for the high street, 2018 View
Revitalising town centres, 2018 View
Successful Town Centres – Developing Effective Strategies (PDF) View
Successful Town Centres: Annex: A – Town Centre ‘Personality’ Test (PDF) View
Successful Town Centres: Annexes: C, D, E, F – Indicators Toolkit (PDF) View
Strategic Management for Sustainable High Street Recovery (PDF) View
Traditional or Experiential Places?
Exploring research needs and practitioner challenges in the management of town centres beyond the economic crisis (PDF)
Beyond Retail: Redefining the shape and purpose of town centres (PDF) View
British High Streets: from Crisis to Recovery? (PDF) View
The Customer Experience of Town Centres: Loughborough University (PDF) View
High Street Performance and Evolution: University of Southampton, July 2014 (PDF) View
In-Town Parking: What Works? Innovative Practices in Parking Provision. Featuring case studies from the UK and USA. (PDF) View
Business In The Community "Future High Streets" highlights some excellent examples of business-led partnerships and locally active store managers View
The British Retail Consortium’s "21st Century High Street" View